Little River Box Co.

Our Story

b. 1986, HK.

Andrew Kelly & Gayle Zalduondo 

founders of Little River Box Co. 

Andrew and Gayle have always lived in the world of design and manufacturing. After college, they combined their engineering knowledge and sculpture background to create a metal-based furniture design company that grew until it was too big for their small college town. They moved to Miami together after winning the 1987 Miami Style furniture design competition, sponsored by City of Miami department of development. The city has always been one of their biggest supporters and inspirations. They went on to design and manufacture furniture for national retailers such as Crate and Barrel, Room and Board, Restoration Hardware for more than 20 years.

Andrew parlayed his design and manufacturing experience into Cabin Fever, a kit house prefab company. He now blends his experience from furniture manufacturing and building prefabs into repurposing containers at Little River Box Company. He is a renaissance man - a craftsman, inventor, innovator, and visionary. 

Gayle's passion has always been bringing ideas to life. After working with furniture, she worked independently in merchandising and branding. An artist and creator, she enjoys connecting the dots by creating products that integrate seamlessly into their environment. Materials, proportion and how things go together are paramount in her design philosophy. Making this world a more beautiful and comfortable place is her greatest purpose, which she strives to promote with her work with Little River Box Company.

After their independent ventures, they joined together once again to collaborate in Cab Prefab, their prefab business. Working together is what they are drawn to. Andrew with his technical mind, and Gayle with her create spirit, strengthen each other in business and in life. Andrew and Gayle, being the flexible innovators and adaptors that they are, decided to transition to a new undertaking, returning to their storied roots in metal, and a container business was born.

Ocean Drive Magazine

Ocean Drive Magazine


The Humble Box

Since its invention in the 1950's, the shipping container has reshaped manufacturing. It slashed transportation costs, making global trade possible and interconnecting the world's economy. Today, we at Little River Box Company create transformable spaces, giving another life to these containers by repurposing them into short-term and permanent installations. 

We create homes, micro boutiques, pop-up bars, kiosks, kitchens, event spaces, restaurants, bathrooms, and flex spaces. These units can be built to suit for a specific brand and design of our client's choice. LRBC offers bold, honest and industrial aesthetics ready to go. Our greater vision is to create environments that activate communities by building places of commerce in a quick and effective way. Our products support entrepreneurs because they require less upfront capital and less risk than a brick-and-mortar business. They are also flexible to configure and easy to relocate, giving business owners "location independence" in an ever changing urban landscape. 

We think that the same shipping container that aided globalization can continue in the tradition of innovation and exchange. We see our containers playing an important part in creating commerce in communities and the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, creating new jobs and businesses in an enterprising and original way.  

Art Basel 2006

Art Basel 2006